Boozy Summer Snow

Wake up your taste buds! These are so easy to make but really impressive to the unknowing eye and tongue, they are essentailly frozen cocktail/sorbet/desserts that are insanely refreshing, perfect for an evening like tonight. 
By rougly following my recipes there is no reason why you can’t try out your own favourite cocktail – say a creamy Piña Colada sorbet, or a tangy Cosmopolatin one with orange, cranberries and Vodka?
I introduce to you the Lemon, Elderflower and Limoncello, French Martini and Mojito sorbets…

For the Lemon and Elderflower
4 Lemons, zested and juiced
75ml Limoncello
75ml Elderflower cordial
250ml Sparkling water
200g Castar Sugar

For the French Martini

1 punnet (200g) Frozen Blackberries
100g Frozen Pineapple
100ml Pineapple Juice
150g Castar Sugar
50ml Gin
For the Mojito

1 bag (about 6) Limes, zested and juiced
1 Bunch finely chopped Mint
200g Castar sugar
50ml White Rum
250ml Sparkling Water
Make all 3 or make just one, but for each there is no method apart from thoroughly stir (or blend, in the French Martini’s case) all ingredients BAR the sparkling water, which should be added last and gently stirred in to avoid it going instantly flat.  Try and resist the temptation to add TOO much extra alcohol as you will end up with more of a summer slush due to the high freezing point of alcohol.
Pour the mixture into large shallow tubs and put in the freezer.  After 45 minutes, stir and put back in.  After a further hour, stir and put back in, then leave to set for good. 
After about 6 hours, it shoud be properly set.  If it doesn’t scoop up into perfect ice-cream like balls, don’t worry! It’s about flavour, not shape.  The main reason for this is because the ingredients are so pure and there are no thickeners or other nasty E numbers to pretty them up – hence the name Summer Snow!
Soak up the glory and enjoy!

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