Get Ahead Mojito’s

This way of making your mojito’s is perfect as most of the preparation is done in advance.  Not your usual predrinking material (Echo falls or Glen’s finest anyone?) but perfect for girly birthdays and special occasions.

To make 6 Cocktails
8 Limes

A bunch of Fresh Mint

250g Caster sugar

A small bottle of white rum

1 Litre of sparkling water

Plenty of ice

The ‘get ahead’ tactic I use is to make your lime syrup in advance, literally squeezing your limes into a small jug mixing with the sugar and stirring….simples.  This is what takes all the time when fussing about making cocktails.  Keep some of the lime skins for decoration and an added kick for when you make the cocktails. Put in the fridge
When coming to make your cocktails, Tear off a small bunch of mint for each drink, put in the bottom of the glass and push down using the end of a wooden spoon.  Pour in a little lime syrup, say a tablespoon.  Fill the glass with ice, add your rum – I’ll let you decide the strength 😉 and top up with sparkling water.
So good!


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