Perfect Soft Boiled Egg and Soldiers

Boiling an egg is such an essential thing to know, but unfortunately far too many people are clueless.  Boiled eggs are a real home comfort when you are at uni, not to mention cheap as chips (or eggs..).  If you don’t have egg cups, shot glasses work a treat!  Follow these achingly simple steps for guaranteed dippiness (or ‘chuckiness’ as my mum says) of your eggs. Getting your eggs right is a fine art – undercooked and they’re too runny and you get what I very maturely call ‘egg bogies’, overcooked and dipping becomes impossible.  Perfect for long breakfasts on a lazy Saturday morning or for a Sunday Supper.

I know with student budgets and all, food is expensive, but (and here’s the vegetarian in me coming out) please please try and go free range, or even better, organic a) they taste SO much better (who wants pale-yellow anaemic yolks) b) they will be packed with so many more nutrients. C)you really will be doing your bit to fight the very cruel battery hen industry.  The difference in price is really quite small.

Here is the big secret: 5 AND A HALF MINUTES! Straight in to a pan of already-boiling water, making sure the eggs are totally covered (otherwise you could end up with one egg cooked and the other side gooey and gross).
Get a couple of slices of toast. Be generous with your butter.  Make sure to use salt on your chucky eggs, it makes such a difference.  Enjoy with a cold glass of milk or OJ.
H x


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