The Essentials For Pretence

So, as promised, we will graduate from this blog a bunch of sophisticated, classy well educated domestic goddesses (yeah, right)…
Firstly, a domestic goddess wouldn’t be seen dead with food sloshed down her front, so an apron is a must, I can predict most student houses will not own an apron, so here’s a great excuse to go shopping… apron’s don’t have to be boring old black and white striped jobbies.  Check out for some absolutely gorgeous (if-only-it-had-a-back-to-it-I-would-SO-wear-it-as-a-dress) aprons, like this beaut…

Secondly, your new best friend is a sharp knife, cutting veg will never be so satisfying.  Yes, the IKEA 3 in a pack for 10 pence or whatever it is are ridiculously cheap, but your carrot sticks will look more like a bunch of hacksaws that smooth crunchy batons.  Invest, ladies (and gents…) do fantastic deals on great sharp knives, so keep an eye out, TK maxx also do excellent discounted kitchen ware.
Thirdly, the hallowed REDUCED section of your local supermarket must never be overlooked, I find myself walking away, dejected if I have to (begrudgingly) pay full price for most things these days.  Get your head in the game and scour those shelves for those 7 beautiful letters plastered on your favourite items (or ANY for that matter – a SHARON fruit FOR 5p!!!!!! Bloody Norah!)
And finally, prove your ulitmate poise and sophistication when you demonstrate you can cook with wine it really does add great flavour to dull dishes (a marriage made in heaven with risotto) and let’s be honest, anybody who can sacrifice a few precious drops to cooking is a fully fledged grown up culinary queen (or king…but we’ll get on to cooking with beer in time)..
Let’s get cooking.
H x

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